Surfers in Solidarity with Palestine

Artwork by Tala Abunawar featuring painted green, red and white fish, swimming on waves of Arabic script that repeats the word Palestine.
Artwork by Tala Abunawar, @kittaba

Statement from a Transnational Collective of Surfers on the War on Gaza

3rd November 2023

We, the undersigned, are a transnational group of surfers and members of the surfing community whose ancestors come from all over the world. We encompass surfers, coaches, competitors, photographers, videographers, surf industry representatives, event organisers, surf media, and individuals associated with surf-related nonprofit organisations and businesses. We are a diverse community, spanning multiple and intersecting faiths, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender expressions, and identities, including many proud First Nations peoples from various continents. While connected through our shared love for surfing, we come together at this moment to express solidarity with Palestine.

The war on Gaza did not begin on the 7th October, and we mourn all lives lost as a result of the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories. The news coming from Gaza since the 7th has, however, grown more horrifying by the day. Thousands of innocent people have been killed. Neighbourhoods have been flattened by bombings. Refugee camps attacked. Hospitals are overflowing with people with shocking injuries, and exhausted medical staff are operating with the most basic of medical supplies.

Statements by UN bodies, including the Secretary General, have been unequivocal – Israel’s targeting of Palestinian civilians and civilian infrastructure is in clear violation of international law. The complete cutting off and attacking of Gaza is collective punishment and a war crime. Experts in human rights, international law, and ethnic, race, and genocide studies, together with various NGOs and humanitarian agencies, have defined Israel’s attack on Gaza as an act of genocide. 

At the time of writing this statement, the death toll is over 9,000 – by the time you read this, that number will have increased. Those killed include more than 3,700 children and 2,300 women. At least 72 UN staff, 135 medical staff including paramedics and 36 journalists have been killed. This is to say nothing of the mass displacement of people, and the thousands missing or trapped beneath rubble; nor the horrific destruction of basic civil infrastructure and supplies, including food, water, electricity, and fuel**.

We join the growing international community – including the overwhelming majority of UN member states – who support a ceasefire. We condemn those governments who are acting complicit in the face of blatant violations of international humanitarian and criminal law. 

We demand our governments support an immediate ceasefire, the opening of Gaza’s borders, the release of all hostages, and the immediate provision of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people as necessary first steps. 

All efforts internationally must address the underlying causes of these atrocities and urgently end Israeli apartheid and settler-colonialism. Every effort should be made to forge a path to lasting peace with justice. 

Abstention at this time of humanitarian catastrophe is not a politically neutral position. We must condemn the apartheid state of Israel at the same time as we refuse a conflation of anti-Zionism with antisemitism, and we must do so as a matter of urgency.

As people whose lives are built through and around the ocean, we are acutely aware of the importance of respecting and protecting Indigenous sea and country, and we will not be silent as the people of Palestine face ethnic genocide. As a global community of surfers, we stand in solidarity with the surfers of Gaza whose lives are under threat and who are being forcibly displaced from their access to the Mediterranean Sea.

We encourage others in the surfing industry and community to also speak out, without fear of retribution. We must not be complicit in these war crimes, nor silent in the face of this inhumanity.


** In the time between writing and publishing this statement the situation in Gaza has become even more dire. At the time of publication, 19 November 2023, the UN Situation Report, continued to draw on 11 November data, noting updates had not occurred for several days due to communication breakdowns. The 11 November figures reported 11,078 Palestinians killed, 27,490 injured, 1.6 million internally displaced, and at least 45% of Gaza’s housing units destroyed or damaged. The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor reported on 19 November that the Palestinian death toll is now believed to be 20,000. The World Health Organisation indicated that almost 75 per cent of the hospitals in Gaza were no longer functional due to lack of fuel, damage, attacks and insecurity. Those remaining are struggling to help patients due to lack of basic supplies. The spread of disease across Gaza is now also a troubling concern, with Gazan Ministry of Health, UNRWA and WHO citing tens of thousands of reported acute skin, respiratory and stomach infections. A ceasefire grows more pressing by the minute.


Dr Daniella Trimboli, The Section, Kaurna Country, Australia

Dr Easkey Britton, Donegal, Ireland

Lucy Small, Bidjigal and Gadigal Land, Australia

Sally McGee, Yonder, United Kingdom

Sandy Kerr, Tynemouth, North East England

Mike Lay, Cornwall

Ishita Malaviya, India

Farmata Dia, Rockaway Beach, NY

Paul Whibley, Victor Harbor, South Australia

Lee-Anne Curren, Biarritz, France

Zachary Zezima, Los Angeles, CA

Rebecca van der Veer, Reclaim the Sea, Devon, UK

Tigs Louis-Puttick , Reclaim the Sea, Boston, USA

Flo, Reclaim the Sea, UK

River Covey, San Clemente, USA

Dihya Nasri, Béjaïa, Algeria

Jenny Wanigasinghe, Nuremberg, Germany

Saad Abid, Morocco

Margaux Arramon-Tucoo, Biarritz, France

Ricky Basnett, Durban South Africa

Emocean Magazine, Bali, Indonesia & Ojai, Chumash Land, California 

Beth Leighfield, Cornwall, UK

Melanie White, County Sligo, Ireland

Ruby Free, North Coast Ireland

Surf Equity, @surfequity, Moss Beach, CA, Ramaytush Ohlone unceded homeland

Sabrina Brennan, Founder, Surf Equity (formerly Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing), Northern California

Leenah, San Francisco, CA

Drew Madsen, Golden Gate Longboard Collective, San Francisco, CA

Linley Hurrell, Wadawurrung Country

Inês Ambrósio, Cascais, Portugal

Sophie Hellyer, Cornwall, UK

Matt Pretorius, Cape Town, South Africa

Dr Nasreen Peer, Cape Town, South Africa

Sam Squires, Sweden and South Australia

Aaniyah Martin, Cape Town, South Africa

AJ, Durban, South Africa

Siraj Paruk, Durban, South Africa

Bilal Moolla, Durban, South Africa

Bella Rose Bunce, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Erin Meza-Ashley, California

Thomas Bing, Tynmouth, England

Kyla Jamieson, Vancouver, Canada

Grace O’Sullivan, Member of European Parliament, Tramore, Ireland

Eliette Singleton, Los Angeles, CA

Matt Smith, Clare, Ireland

Mike Guest, Edinburgh, Scotland

Tom Terrell, Nova Scotia, Canada

Neil Thomas, Donegal, Ireland

Banna Bazzarie, Banat el Waves & PaliSurferChicks, Oceanside, CA

Dani Burt, San Diego, CA

Olga Diaz, San Diego, CA

Jonathan Galendez, National City, CA

Nebiyou Samuel, San Diego, CA

Nicole Sweet, NY, USA and Dakar, Senegal

Supporting Signatories as at 11 June 2024:

  • Mikhaeel Shaikjee, Durban, South Africa
  • Emma Tweddle, Saltburn, North East England
  • Mr. Primoz Zorko, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Lilian Lew, Germany
  • Elle Osili-Wood, London, UK
  • Em Joseph, New York, NY
  • Canick Hermans, Netherlands
  • Mukesh Panjanathan, Mamallapuram, India
  • Giulia Matani, Aljezur, Portugal
  • Mrs Hazel Merrick, Knysna, South Africa
  • Katarina Kern, Seignosse, France
  • Cora Stocker, Falmouth
  • Farisha Mazlan, Malaysia
  • Ahmad waQi, Malaysia
  • Leilani waQi, Malaysia
  • Mouhsine Znizane, Norway
  • Moanna waQi, Malaysia
  • Elizabeth Clyne, Sligo, Ireland
  • NC Britton, Donegal, Ireland
  • Nicole Gaines, Biarritz, France
  • Mr Aljaž Babnik, SONCE FILMS, Slovenia
  • Lukene Sotomayor, Tofino, Canada
  • Ms Wardah Pringle, South Africa
  • danni marilyn west, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Poppy Hasoon, Bristol, UK
  • Miss Anna Westron, Cornwall
  • Isabelle Waetjen, Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa
  • Yasmine El-Hage, Ocean & Human Health Researcher San Francisco, California, USA
  • Nicholas Saul, Gwidel – Brittany
  • Naomi Folta, Los Angeles, CA
  • Tyler Wilde, Los Angeles, USA
  • Sinem Koc, Germany
  • Miss Emily Lockwood, Nottingham
  • Leah Nicole Tisdale, Slow Down Somatics, Sayulita Nay, Mexico / Vancouver BC, Canada
  • Mr Ismail Doubabi, Dar Bouazza, Morocco
  • Carys Griffiths, Fall bay swim, Swansea south wales
  • Niki Lischow, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Miss Rachel Little, Teesside, UK
  • Mono Sr., Malang, Indonesia
  • Jesse James, Rockaway beach, USA
  • Quest Soliman, stop playin with em, new york city
  • Leah Dawson, United States
  • ms Sophie Hola, New York New York
  • Dr Karen Graaff, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Monisha de Quadros, Rockaway Park, New York
  • Joe Keylock, Bristol
  • Sally Sanders, Laguna Beach, California
  • Paul Godette, NYC
  • Nishchita Verghese, India
  • Bridget Rylander, Los Angeles
  • Gérard Decoster, HISTOIRE ART CULTURE SURF (HACS), France
  • Kaili Reynolds, U.S.A.
  • Iker Acero Sopela, Basque country
  • Lexií Galbreath, Selkie Soul Work, Newport, OR, USA
  • Amber Nuetzel, USA
  • Ms. Autumn Kitchens, New York, NY
  • Toni Mekkelholt, New Zealand
  • Dustin Sadler, Alto, NM USA
  • Danyelle Carpenter, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
  • Miss Emily Currie, Cornwall, UK
  • Clare Scott, Langland Board Riders, Swansea Wales UK
  • Gina Ruffin, Tynemouth
  • Momo Otani-Hudes, Benny’s Club, Brooklyn
  • Laurence Bascle, Swellbound, United Kingdom
  • Chris Cristiano, Rockaway Beach, NY
  • Bronwen Foster-Butler, London, England
  • Rosalyn Lim, Rockaway Beach, NY
  • Miss Sam Tutton, Cornwall
  • AJ Feducia, Hilo, Hawai’i
  • Savannah Rusher, IDEAL Surf, Oakland, CA
  • Korey Nolan, Hydrophile, USA
  • Dr Clifton Evers, UK
  • Cedrick Courtois, San Diego, CA
  • Heather Cromartie, New York, New York
  • Mr Simon White, North East England
  • Tom Kay, St Agnes
  • Will Sheane, Cornwall
  • Laura Yarnell, North Shields, UK
  • Jessica Last, UK
  • Zoe Robertson, North Shields, UK
  • Milagros Verendia, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Megan Riley, Ukiah, CA
  • Ms. Hana Ahary, New York
  • Elizabeth Montalbano, Freelance journalist and writer, Aljezur, Portugal
  • Kieran Harkin, GET OUT, London
  • Nicola Erni, India
  • Hassan Abdul-Wahid, Los Angeles, United States
  • Mosiah Moonsammy, NYC, USA
  • Mr Tristan Watson, Fieldtrip, Tynemouth, UK
  • Maia Ramsden, Suva, Fiji and Te Whanganui a Tara, Aotearoa
  • Sarah Haselton, San Francisco
  • Aine Edwards, Ireland
  • Mr Chris Weston, UK
  • Emily Nye, California, USA
  • Dr. Dina El Dessouky, Popeloutchom, Turtle Island (currently known as Santa Cruz, California)
  • Mr Anthony Atkinson, Whitley Bay, UK
  • Kirk Gee, Foam & Function, USA/Australia
  • Mr Richie Inskip, UK
  • Miss Kirsty Jones, Kirsty Jones, Wales, UK
  • Mark Cheney, United Kingdom
  • Philip Smith, Cornwall, UK
  • Paul Gallagher, Leitrim, Ireland
  • Dr Danielle Cantrell, Monterey, CA
  • Jodie Tonita, Mākaha, Hawai’i
  • Ms J Hallam, Ireland
  • Faiza Moumane, Agadir
  • Michael Soule, Soule Surfboards, Seattle, WA USA
  • Adam Morris, Gadigal and Birrabirrigal Land (Sydney), Australia
  • Lexi Keating, Ireland
  • Tirion Jenkins, South Wales
  • Nina Mehta, Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Mr Josh Bower, Sydney, Australia
  • Behja Abdessamad, Morocco
  • Michael Bruce Weston, Peru
  • Amanda Portinari, El Zonte, El Salvador and Toronto, Canada
  • Junayd Majid, Stockton on Tees, UK
  • Chandler Dandridge, USA
  • Dave Lamacraft, Pwllheli, Wales
  • Elizabeth Bishop, Brooklyn NY
  • Mr David Porter, Australia
  • Ahmed Marzouki, Salé, Rabat Morocco
  • Mr Leo Dewitte, Austinmer
  • Mr Ashley Braunton, Devon, UK
  • Mx Meg White, Cornwall
  • Reda HAMMI, Rabat, Morocco
  • Abby Mortimer, Los Angeles
  • Dionne Ybarra, Executive Founding Director, The Wahine Project Pacific Grove, CA, US
  • Christine Sing, Germany
  • Mr Dash Jones, Morning Of The Earth Surfboards, Byron Bay, Australia
  • Joani Bugnon-Hirigoyen, Bidart, Euskal Herria
  • Luz Diaz, Berlin, Germany
  • Dr Emily Pieri, Whitley Bay UK
  • Yucie Andre, San Diego, CA
  • Sara Frank, Munich, Germany
  • Caroline Motley, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Miss Corynn Craig, Los Angeles, CA United States
  • Tiara Jones, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • Miss Monique Rodgers, Cambridge, UK
  • Bibi Giellis, Netherlands
  • Eric Siegel, Costa Rica
  • Lawrence Rickford, San Francisco, CA
  • Adam Wolfenden, Unceded Awabakal Country, Australia
  • Ali tamara, Taghzout Skatepark association, Morocco
  • Julie Carter, San diego
  • Kyan Kelly, Wollongong, NSW, Australia
  • Ms Heather Boland, Acufive, Wexford, Ireland
  • Mr Antonio Hudson, Stitch That B****, Tynemouth and Newcastle Upon-Tyne
  • Sasha Jane Lowerson, Mandurah, Western Australia
  • Laila Issa, Los Angeles, CA
  • Alice Creevey, Bells Beach/Djarrak – Australia
  • Carla Magee, N.Ireland
  • Charlotte Cornelis, Belgium
  • Ms Roberta Stauffacher, San Francisco, California
  • Sebastian Cabrera, Austral Surfboards, La Paloma, Uruguay, South America
  • Johnny Ortiz, Los Angeles, CA
  • Marwa Ab, Morocco
  • Ryan Kleinert, Fringe Surfers New England, Portland, ME
  • Mrs Zoe Bird, Barnstaple, UK
  • Anna Lykke, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Alex Knost, Blackies classics, Costa Mesa, California
  • Yucca Devreese, North Sea Surf Sisters, North Sea Belgium
  • Erin Reedy, Los Angeles, USA
  • Ru Breadon, ISA surf coach, UK
  • Clayton Jackson, New York, NY
  • Stevey-Lee Ginger, Bundjalung Arakwal Country/Byron Bay, Australia
  • Sarah Okba, United States
  • Maha Bazzari, San Diego
  • Dr Sabah Ul-Hasan, United States
  • Hannah Twa, Canada
  • Allen Ying, Brooklyn, NY
  • Natalie Fox, Aljezur, Portugal
  • Nate Archer, Japan
  • Emi Koch, Coast 2 Coast, Lobitos, Peru
  • Mr Iker Basterretxea, Sopela
  • Alyssa Gonzalez Castañeda, Chumash land (Ventura, CA)
  • Joe Kanzangu, The Guardian, New York
  • Nouf Abu Hijleh, Long beach California
  • Ambrose Brooks S, JusticeLA Coalition, Los Angeles, CA
  • Mrs Danni Gray, Australia
  • Laura Booth, Golden Gate Longboard Collective, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Andrea Wilshusen, Barcelona, Spain
  • Mr Muchamad Bond, NY
  • Grace Kinney, San Diego, CA
  • Anna Biegalski, San Francisco
  • Rachel Lord, Lord Bords, Ventura, CA USA
  • Natalie Briggs, Naarm / Melbourne
  • Miss Neve Grant, Newcastle
  • M Saazu Saeed, Maldives
  • Laurence Brophy, England and Australia
  • Reem Jubran, PaliSurfer Chicks, Banat El Waves, Dana Point, USA
  • Amelia Waliany, San Francisco, CA
  • Farhana Huq, brown girl surf, Oakland, CA
  • Rashi Kalra, Goa
  • Rae Richards, Santa Cruz, California
  • Ms Tati Guedes, Gai-mariagal Country, Australia
  • Sara Camnasio, Sebastopol, CA
  • Dr Michele Barker, Yuin Country, NSW, Australia
  • Danae Lee, Surf Don’t Terf, Te Moana a Toi, Aotearoa NZ
  • Ms Tessa Cunningham, Kaurna Country, SA
  • Gabby Piamonte NYC, US
  • Peter Muenchow, Adelaide
  • Karim HN, Morocco
  • Mr Anis Frech, San Diego
  • Ms Maisie Rawlinson, Adelaide, Australia
  • Sander Pouw, The Netherlands
  • Barbara Argemi, Barcelona, Spain
  • Jade Harland, Kaurna Country, Australia
  • Michelle Fujisaki-Thomas, San Diego, CA
  • Danielle Fisher, Yaegl Country, Australia
  • Kristian Maynard, Adelaide, South Australia
  • Kathryn O’Brien, Kaurna Country/Adelaide
  • Miss Claire Antley, Newcastle, Australia
  • Miss Billie Rollo, Newcastle, Australia
  • Reda Rougui, Mohammedia, Morocco, Lille France
  • Mr Andrew Rollo, Newcastle, Australia
  • Miss Olive Rollo, Newcastle, Australia
  • Helen Davies, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
  • Elsa Michaela, Newcastle, UK
  • Ms Eleanor Crawford, Adelaide, Australia
  • Liz Moreton, Wicklow, Ireland
  • Amy King, Scarborough, UK
  • narimane es saadi, casablanca, morocco
  • Miss Alice Brown, Alice Writes Copy, Newquay, Cornwall
  • Serene Nazari, Malaysia
  • Samantha Sunshine, UK
  • Miss Natasha Dixon, Adelaide
  • Mr. Tom Hewitt (In personal capacity), Durban, South Africa
  • Ms Kitty Billings, Newquay, United Kingdom
  • Fhaizal Othman, Singapore
  • Ewan Ar fur, Kemper – Breizh
  • Roosa Virkkunen, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Karina Abu Eshe, United States
  • Michael Gutiérrez, Surf business owner, Tortuga surf camp, Jaco-Costa Rica
  • Isabel Abdurahman, Nova Scotia, CA
  • Esabella Bonner, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
  • Lokmane Benagorde, Surf coach, Agadir
  • Kylo Thomas, Decolonise STEM Collective, London, UK
  • Laura Truelove, Daughters of the Sea Magazine, Wales
  • Lisa Brücker, Manila, Philippines
  • Randa Sakallah, San Francisco, CA
  • Emma Smith, Brooklyn, NY
  • Cory Yniguez, Ventura, California
  • Jillian Gordy, Los Angeles, California
  • Daisy Hill-Norton, Surf Cerrito, London, United Kingdom
  • Stacey Lee, Richmond, CA, USA
  • Ali, USA
  • Miss Candice O’donnell, UK
  • Ahlam Ghanim, Huntington Beach
  • Maryam El Gardoum, Taghazout, Morocco
  • Adriana Guerrero-Nardone, Executive Director, Brown Girl Surf, Oakland, CA, USA
  • Autumn Zwiernik, United States
  • Mr Rich Unsworth, Westward Ho!, North Devon UK
  • Jess Morrell, Wadawurrung Country
  • Miss Ruby Southwell, Australia
  • Jess Schüller, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Jessica Dittmar, CRS, Portugal
  • Carolina Fontinha, Albufeira, Portugal
  • Izik Moreno, Kapolei, HI
  • Aria Willis, Vancouver Island BC Canada
  • Albert Kim, Brooklyn, NY
  • Ayoub ELMALIJI, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Sarah Carr, Olympia, WA
  • Mrs Tara Butler, Australia
  • Mrs Soukaina Hadrati, Morocco
  • Lynn Bryant, Returning Wave, San Francisco, California USA & Philippines
  • Khaoula Rigada, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Mr Alberto Brio, EastCoastSurfClub Ireland, Dublin / IRL
  • Inda Toob, India
  • Doha Khalfi, Rabat, Morocco
  • Dr Patrizia Zanella, Switzerland
  • Krista Elkin, San Francisco, California USA
  • Ismail Alaoui, Rabat, Morocco
  • Diego Martin, Switzerland
  • Eimear Tangney, Ireland
  • Miss Hollie Tate, Norwich
  • Ricardo Moreno, Lisboa/Portugal
  • Cassandra Mckechnie, Gumbaynggirr Country
  • Dr Kate Hall, Torquay Australia
  • Summer Starr, Maui, Hawai’i
  • Robert Filipe, Caniço – Madeira – Portugal
  • Marta Meers, Antwerp, Belgium
  • Rory Gollow, Yallingup – Western Australia
  • James Wallace, Woodburn, Australia
  • Mr Thomas Carroll, Sydney, Australia
  • Mr Dominic Mckinlay sullivan, Mullumbimby
  • Sarah Bosnyak, Wallsend, United Kingdom
  • Gianfranco Lanzio, Turin, Italy
  • Ms Rebecca Coley, Jersey Surf Film Festival, Jersey 
  • Ed Alexander, Jan Juc, Wadawurrung, Australia
  • Marie Salem, Los Angeles 
  • Kristen Neville Taylor, Philadelphia
  • Miss Paula Jacobson, Shore Thing Surf Therapy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
  • Shawn Ism, Oakland
  • Mr Matt Blair, South Shields, UK
  • Claire Simon, Duwamish country resident, S’Klallam country surfer
  • Julia Stockhausen, Federal, Australia
  • Jessi Rebel, Wadawurrung Country
  • Meghan Hanebutt McDaniel, San Francisco, CA
  • Dalia Aljawad, Orange County
  • Miss Shell Whyatt, Byron Bay
  • Mr Corey Thomson, Broadwater Beach, NSW
  • Mr Caelan Dixon, Dharawal Country
  • Hannah Lindschau, Byron Bay, Australia
  • Scott Stevens, Tokyo, Japan
  • Stefano Pedrini, New Brighton / Australia
  • Anrielle Hunt, Australia
  • Mr Mick Chaney, Australia
  • Ms Jess Corrigall, Gold Coast / Australia
  • Henry Gibbs, Piggabeen, NSW
  • Reed Smith, NSW, Australia
  • Dr Bryan Kamaoli Kuwada, Waterbearfoto, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi
  • Miss Amber Whipple, Byron Bay, AUS / Trinity Centre, USA
  • Mr Eurico Gonçalves, isurf club, Figueira da Foz, Portugal
  • Bryn Newman, Australia
  • Lucinda Slee, Australia
  • Miss Roisin Carolan, Byron Bay
  • Julia Stockhausen, Federal, Australia
  • Jillian Bontempo, Byron Bay
  • Alexandra Ewen, Australia
  • Kelly Murphy, Ahipara, Aotearoa / New Zealand
  • Mr Adam Murphy, Ahipara, Aotearoa (NZ)
  • Lára Nic Mhánais, Brighton, UK
  • Sharon Howe, Donegal, Ireland
  • Rachel Preston, Rab, UK
  • Ms Aisling Geary, Ireland
  • Leilani Vella, Venice, California
  • Ema Shaw Evangelista, Wave by Wave, Cascais, Portugal
  • Linzi Hawkin, Protect Blue, Jersey
  • Esabella Bonner, Black Surf Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Ben Nansen, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Mr Graham Kilfoyle, Sligo, Ireland
  • Amy Kenworthy, Plymouth, UK
  • Michael Bruce Weston, Peru
  • Mr John Eldridgr, Newquay
  • Tyler Breuer, Swell Season Surf Radio, New York, USA
  • Miss Sarah Revely, Cramlington
  • Caitlin Lawson, Rincon, Puerto Rico
  • Emily Sephton, Cornwall
  • Sonia Cork, London, UK
  • Torger Svindland, Norway
  • Theo Brophy Clews, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
  • Hannah Green, Yorkshire, UK
  • Ms Holly Wawn, Australia
  • Cory Gehm, Germany/Morocco/USA
  • Joel Gunn, Taunton, UK
  • Trui Hanoulle, Gent, Belgium
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  • David Noonan, Ireland
  • Nicholas Simich, Costa Mesa, CA
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  • Mr Oliver Mackie, Plymouth, UK
  • Francisco Travassos, El Cotillo, Fuerteventura
  • Kayla Sergio, New York, NY
  • Jantira Keyuranggul, Surfers in Solidarity, Brooklyn NY
  • Ms Rhowan Alleyne, Poppit Sands, Wales
  • Huy Nguyen, Brooklyn, USA
  • Dr Sarah Weston, South Africa
  • Mr Gwilym Pritchard, United Kingdom
  • Neda Mouzayanni, Rockaway Park, NY
  • Hank Kim, New York, NY USA
  • Kirsty Jones, Kirsty Jones Experience, Wales
  • Mrs Emily Robinson, North Devon, UK
  • Ms Naomi Sharp, Cardigan, Wales
  • Júlia Wilshusen, Spain
  • Tyla Rose, Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Mr Rowan Milne, Adelaide, Australia
  • Coach Jackson, Founder, Coastal Defenders, Kumeyaay Land, San Diego, CA
  • Mr Matthew Barr, Looking Sideways, Brighton, United Kingdom
  • Mr Justin James, La art, Tarifa, Spain
  • Ane Baardsgaard, Lofoten, Norway
  • Naomi Taylor, Bundjalung country, Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia
  • Mr Simon White, Whitley Bay UK
  • Shaista Khan, Canada
  • Miss Alice Pritchaed, Cornwall
  • Ciara Ni Cheilsigh, Cork Ireland
  • Anuk Torre, Movetodiscover, Südtirol
  • Margie Ardono, Good Towels, Australia 
  • Kayte Peters, Wollongong
  • Kim Pederson, USA
  • Miss Emily Price, Bantham UK
  • Miss Shantel Dalgarno, Wollongong Australia
  • Dan Burgess, We Are Ocean, UK
  • Ms Natascha Matkovich, Brisbane Australia
  • Megan Bryce, Finistère, France
  • Lamia Najjar, Morocco
  • Sofie Simonsson, Halmstad, Sweden
  • Matthew Dunn, Tynemouth, UK
  • Ben Judkins, San Francisco, California
  • Elle Overs, USA
  • Whitney Sparks, Radical Care, Berkeley California
  • Dr Jessica Vandenberg, United States
  • Hannah Martin, North Shields, UK
  • Laerke Heilmann, Clean ocean project, Spain
  • Ms Michelle Davies, Puerto Rico
  • Gemma Tarpey-Brown, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
  • Nane Meushi Von Tage, La Palue, France
  • Keli Payne, Seaford, Australia
  • Cheryse Gilmore, Surfside, Texas, U.S.
  • Miss Fiona Peters, Yamba, AUSTRALIA
  • Ms Lili Yacub, Canada
  • David Ashe, Hiqueersurfers, Honolulu Hawai’i
  • Kristen Taylor, Philadelphia, United States
  • Elan Chenault, Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Sarah Frye, California
  • Ms Victoria Hughes, York, UK
  • Mrs Sarah Price, Twist, Perth, Australia
  • Dr Ciara Horan, Dublin, Ireland
  • Siobhan Lock, Wales, UK
  • Konstantina Levi, Greece
  • Janet Hay Curbishley, Cornwall
  • Kate L, A Surfers Against Sewage Member, Newquay, Cornwall, UK
  • Rebecca Annells, Cornwall
  • Mr Fragkiskos Filippaios, Greece
  • Mark Lambert, UK
  • Mr Earnan MacOireaghtaigh, Galway
  • Tiegan Salter, Cardiff
  • CEO Kris Primacio, Manhattan Beach, California
  • Sacha Gyapjas, Amsterdam
  • Jane Jenkins, Indonesia
  • Ms Alice Dowden, UK
  • Georgina Capetillo, Surfers in Solidarity, NYC, USA/Nicaragua
  • Mrs Amy Jonea, Cornwall UK
  • Heike Tjepkema, Nederland
  • Warwick Gow, Gubbi Gubbi (Kabi Kabi )/Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • Mr Toby Somerville, West Sussex, UK
  • Alissa Waldo, Noosa, Australia
  • Emily T, New Zealand
  • Jolanda Felix, Morocco & Switzerland
  • Mr Tom Crowe, Porthleven, Cornwall
  • Lucy Sherriff, Los Angeles, USA
  • Daniel Davenport, Australian
  • Mr Stephen Marshall, Coolum Beach Qld Australia
  • Mr Leo McCrea, London, UK
  • Mr Martin Dorey (MBE),Copy monkey Limited, Bude, Cornwall
  • Megan Martin, San Diego CA
  • Katie Smith, Surf With Them, Los Angeles
  • Kassia Meador, Kassia+Surf, Los Angeles
  • Philip Waite, North Devon
  • Eva Patapatiou, Athens, Greece
  • Mr Michael Gibson, Bristol
  • Margarita Gaerlan, Manila, PH; Currently Gadigal Country (Sydney, AU)
  • Mr Rich Mitchell, Fort William
  • Alice Ferguson, Cornwall
  • Mrs Abby Richardson, Cornwall, UK
  • Hayley Lawrence, Newquay, Cornwall, UK
  • Joelle Paquette, Montreal, Canada
  • Chris Hines, A Grain of Sand, Porthtowan, Cornwall
  • Orion Miller, Orion Surfs, Montréal, Canada
  • Lokmane Benagorde, International Surf coach, Momentum surf, Agadir, Morocco
  • Livia Borges, Brasil/BRA
  • Mr Michael Gallagher, Surf’SUP SurfSchool Ireland, Portnoo, Donegal, Ireland
  • Tensim Larachi, Nicaragua
  • Mr James Harris, Innerleithen
  • Tom Halliburton, UK
  • Mr Mostafa Aktham, Surfcamp Egypt, Cairo
  • Christine Jimenez, Los Angeles
  • Clara Beatriz, Brasil
  • Alexandra Talty, Southampton, NY, USA
  • Jennifer Janis, United States Sally Harris, Groundswell Scotland, Scotland
  • Sierra Lerback, Australia
  • Melissa Fagan, Bundjalung Country, NSW, Australia
  • Dr Mia Thomas, Leeds
  • Sam Haddad, Brighton, UK
  • Miss Amber Giles, United Kingdom
  • Mr Ted James, Stroud, England
  • Eva Huber, Minnesota, USA
  • Ms Aoife O Sullivan, Donegal, Ireland
  • Claire Thom, The Wee Sparrow Poetry Press, Cádiz, Spain
  • Ruth Burns, Health Service Exec Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
  • Mrs Hannah Stocks, Cornwall
  • Miss Flossy Barraud, Plymouth, United Kingdom
  • Andrew McConnell, Beirut
  • Ms Vanessa Earl, Ireland
  • Emer Ní Mhurchú, Wexford, Ireland
  • Miss Sarah Adams, Lisburn, Northern Ireland
  • David Beattie, Ireland
  • Lorraine D’Arcy, Limerick, Ireland
  • Mr Andrew Lim, Sydney, Australia
  • Emma McGrath, Ireland
  • Mrs Caron Glass, Donegal
  • Donogh O`Loghlin, Clonakilty surf club, Cork
  • Clare McNally, Ireland
  • Alice Roettgen, Edinburgh, UK
  • Mr Noah Lane, Australia, Ireland
  • Katherine Terrell, Nosara, Costa Rica
  • Natrishka Pather, The Womb Room, Canada
  • K.C. Fabiero, Los Angeles
  • Marcelina Craig, Shaper, Piña Surfboards, Nosara, Costa Rica
  • Joe Ford, Manchester, UK
  • Conor Langlois, Manhattan Beach, United States
  • Ms Marta Meers, Antwerp, Belgium
  • Fionnuala Mc Cann, Donegal, Ireland
  • Ms Angela Mac Gann, Dublin
  • Jess Laing, Australia
  • Fergal Smith, Moyhillfarm, Ireland
  • Sonia Diaz, San Diego, California
  • Jason Lukas, Beverly Shores, IN, USA
  • Dania Cabello, Oakland, USA
  • Jeremy Hall, Redlands
  • Kyle Neil, Oakland, California, US
  • Rosie Platts, Gumbaynggirr Country, Australia
  • Ms Yvette Curtis, Wave Wahines CIC, North Devon, UK
  • Sami Ede, Hamburg, Germany
  • Dr Rory Hearne, Ireland
  • Jonathan Feldman, Massif Management, Newport Beach, CA USA
  • Veerle Helsen, Journalist and Belgian Paddle Out for Peace, Oostende, Belgium
  • Sharon Howe, Point Break, Donegal, Ireland
  • Elizabeth Suarez, The 55th Gift, Long Beach, CA
  • Ms Thea Hanlon, Australia
  • Ryan Conder, South Willard, Los Angeles
  • Jeremy Grosvenor, Sagapoanck NY USA
  • Ciara Corrigan, Ireland
  • Mr Adam Cross, Ireland
  • Zoe Hodges, UK
  • Beckey-Finn Britton, Donegal, Ireland
  • Emily Duggan, Donegal, Ireland
  • Dylan O’Toole, Donegal, Ireland
  • Barry Britton, Rossnowlagh Co., Donegal, Ireland
  • Miss Alison McMullon, North Shields, United Kingdom
  • Damon Wilshire, Oceanside, CA
  • Ms Grace Murphy, Ireland
  • Ms Eliza Coulston, Australia
  • Sarah Hamilton, Kingscliff, Australia
  • Miss Terri Witherden, United Kingdom / Ireland
  • Mr Martin, McGeough, Ireland
  • Ms Aisling Geary, West Cork, Ireland
  • Einin Casby Noonan, Ireland
  • Rachel Gray, Sligo, Ireland
  • Ms Dana Viloria, Salted Roots, El Sobrante, CA
  • Ms Kris Blike-Morales, Alameda, CA, USA
  • Anette Kirkeby, Norway
  • Ciara Dowling, Swansea, UK
  • Malika Rafa, Montréal, Canada
  • Becca Brenkman, Fredericksburg, Virginia
  • Ms Suzanne Case, Kurundu Waves, Sri Lanka
  • Cristiana Goes, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Paula Bortolon, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Mr Rodrigo Albina, Brazil
  • Miss Georgina Charlton, Bridgend, Wales, UK
  • Justine Rae, Mellocastro, India
  • Maddie, Meddings, Cornwall
  • Ellie Farrow, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
  • Ishmael Hamon, Cornwall
  • Zoe Levit, Strange Seas Magazine, Biarritz, France
  • Mrs Angie Wade, Leeds, UK
  • MacKenzie Brennan, B.C., Canada
  • Daniel Corbera, Coventry, RI USA
  • K-A Garlick, Whadjuk Noongar / Fremantle Australia
  • Khâdija Tasnîm, Malek, Morocco and France
  • Heidi Parkes-Smith, Newcastle, United Kingdom
  • Mae Yuki, Japan
  • Isabella Martin, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Mrs Sophia Magbagbeola, Wallingford, UK
  • Mia Bolton, San Francisco, California, USA
  • Ms Cole Chance, USA
  • Larissa Payne, Gadigal Bidjigal Country / Bondi Beach, Australia
  • Valentina Sala, Genova, Italy
  • Miss Zineb Bennis, Association Bahri, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Polly Ord, Gateshead, UK
  • Quinn Thornton, Somerset, UK
  • Ms Claire Greenhill, Walyalup, Australia
  • Lucy Foster-Perkins, London
  • Rick Evabs, Ecosystem Member, London, UK
  • Mrs Alys Pardoe, Margaret River, Western Australia
  • Mr James Pardoe, Perth, Australia 
  • Jess Balla, UK
  • Rachael Basson, Barnstaple, UK
  • Andri Iskandar Nadzri, Kuala Lumpur
  • Anna Naughton, North Berwick, Scotland
  • Beth Breeden, Bristol
  • Sharon Schaffer, Playa Del Rey California USA
  • Jonathan Kohanski, New Hampshire, United States
  • Kate McCrossin, Bondi Beach Australia
  • Christine Jozitis, Lavender Lineup, Boston, MA
  • Barney Frankland, Surfers for Ceasefire, Middleton, Australia
  • Katherine Terrell, Nosara, Costa Rica
  • Miss Lily Crouch, Australia
  • Miss Lilli Erickson, Bangalow, Australia
  • Peachy Judilla, Philippines
  • Nicole Serrano Honasan, Siargao Island, Philippines
  • Linda Bennett, Australia
  • Karen Garces, Siargao, Philippines
  • Sofia Faheem, Siargao, Siargao, Philippines
  • Alejandro Sauter, Nosara, Costa Rica
  • Mrs Faye De Lacy Selim, Siargao Island, Philippines
  • Ms Meg Murray, UK
  • Jordyn Romero, USA
  • Kate Robertson, Naarm
  • Freya Davies-Ardill, Seaford Kaurna Country
  • Nina Stieg, Germany and Portugal
  • Paula Zumbado Brechu, Costa Rica
  • Iris Hrabe-Ritzert, San Diego, CA and Bad Wörishofen, Germany
  • Mr Andy Joyce, Surf Steps, Christchurch, England
  • Carisa Silva, Ohlone lands
  • Grace Healy, USA
  • Sophia Flumerfelt, San Luis Obispo, CA USA
  • Graham Hamilton, Possession, WA – Coast Salish lands and waters
  • Geoffrey Timbs, Mulubinba Newcastle East, Australia
  • Kurshid/Kristen Morgan, Wrightsville Beach Surf Mamas, Wrightsville Beach, USA
  • Rosa Rice-Pelepko, Santa Cruz, CA, United States
  • Mr Andy Telfer, Kiama, Australia
  • Amie Tomasello, Pacifica, California 
  • Matt Mirshafiee, Long Beach, California, USA 
  • Sarayu Ramnath, Los Angeles, CA 
  • Shea Grady, United States 
  • Clara Kelleher, Dublin, Ireland
  • Narimane Es Saadi, Casablanca, Morocco